Civic Action and Research - Apply for the Get Engaged Conference and Course for Summer 2022

Civic Action and Research - Apply for the Get Engaged Conference and Course for Summer 2022

Every year, the Open Society University Network (OSUN), in partnership with Central European University, provides a one-week immersive leadership program called the Get Engaged Conference for student leaders across the OSUN. This all-expense-paid event aims to bring together student leaders who are already leading civic engagement projects on their campus or in their community to discuss how they are making a difference back home and how best to address some issues facing our world today collectively.

But as you know, the Get Engaged Conference has not been immune to the disruptive power of the COVID-19 pandemic. Usually held in-person in Budapest, Hungary, the conference has been held virtually for two consecutive years due to the virus. However, in 2022, there is a wonderful opportunity to bring Get Engaged back in person (if the Omricon variant does not keep spreading ☹️). This time though, the requirements will be a bit different from previous years. How so?


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Next year, COVID permitting, there will be a pre-conference course, culminating in an in-person conference from June 26 - July 1 in Budapest, Hungary (dates are tentative). The application process is now included in the OSUN course registration. This means that students who want to go to the conference will complete the application and be admitted to the course. 

About the Course and the Conference in 2022

As mentioned earlier, students who wish to attend the Get Engaged Conference in Hungary come 2022 must first apply for the Civic Action and Research Course offered by Bard College in partnership with the OSUN. 

In this upper-level course, students who are leading a community engagement project deepen their understanding of civil society through participatory research and engagement that explores the structure of civil society organizations, the socio-political environment in which they operate, including the intersection between government and civil society, the root causes of social issues that they are attempting to address, and the context in which the community is addressing the issue. Students will also enhance their capacities and project management skills through leadership workshops. Each student will be required to produce a project analysis that incorporates primary and secondary research and interviews of key actors in the field. Projects should focus on one of five tracks: Climate Change, Disability Justice, Youth Engagement, Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusion and Gender Equity.

The course will culminate in the Get Engaged conference, leadership and civic engagement oriented conference. Preference given to students involved in leading a civic engagement project, are involved in the Certificate Program or have taken the Civic Engagement Network Collaboration Course, OSUN Civic Engagement Course or equivalent or have received and implemented an OSUN microgrant or community action award. This is a two-credit OSUN course. Select students can appeal for an accompanying two credit tutorial that would give them an option of completing four credits.


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What is the Get Engaged Spring OSUN course? 

  • Two credit course 
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:40 am NY 
  • Summer in-person conference in Budapest (Covid permitting) 
  • Open to ALL MAJORS

In-person Conference Dates (tentative)

June 26 - July 1, 2022


  • You must be from an OSUN partner institution
  • You must be willing to take the Civic Action and Research Course and participate in all pre-conference activities

Application Deadline

Currently On-going

How to Apply

Applications can be accessed at the Get Engaged Conference and Course Registration form.

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