Opportunities at the Open Society University Network (OSUN)

Opportunities at the Open Society University Network (OSUN)

Every year, the OSUN rolls out tens of different opportunities within the network. Many students are not aware of these opportunities, so we have created this page exclusively to update you about these opportunities as soon as they become available. Want to learn of these opportunities when they are still "fresh from the oven"? Then please check out the OSUN section of this website. Meanwhile, let's get right into this post.

About the OSUN

The Open Society University Network (OSUN) is a network of universities spread across the globe that envisions a new model of global higher education—a long-lasting network with deep partnerships among diverse institutions committed to addressing global challenges collaboratively. The network is global in demographic and geographic scope and extends to places where it is needed most. It strives to integrate curricula and research across institutions in different countries and incorporate civic engagement into higher education.

The OSUN Seeks To:

  • foster critical thinking and intellectual inquiry to strengthen the foundations of open societies amidst a resurgence of authoritarian regimes
  • inspire students to address global challenges by getting to know other societies from the inside
  • expand access to higher education at a time of growing inequities
  • counteract polarization by promoting global collaboration in research and education to examine issues from different perspectives
  • bolster efforts by universities in challenging environments to build their own capacities through global partnerships in order to make more outstanding contributions to their societies

Partner Institutions

The list of partner institutions can be found on the OSUN website.


There are several opportunities at the OSUN. These opportunities range from funding in the form of microgrants to workshops, training, courses, international conferences etc. This page will regularly be updated with various opportunities the OSUN offers as they become available. 

Below is a list of some of them:

1. Engaged Senior Project Grants

This funding opportunity assists Juniors and Seniors from within the network to fund their 2022 Engaged Senior Projects, otherwise known as final year capstone. You can learn more about the grant and how to apply here

2. The Get Engaged Conference (Fully-funded)

Every year, students are flown to Budapest, Hungary, on an all-expense-paid trip to attend this conference. Applications are now currently open. What is this conference about and how can you apply? Well, you can learn more about the conference and how to apply here

More opportunities are coming soon 🙃. Do check back regularly...



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