Get Funding for Your Final Year Capstone

Get Funding for Your Final Year Capstone

In the final year of their undergraduate studies, students from OSUN universities and colleges produce senior research projects and thesis, fulfilling the requirement for a senior or capstone project at a member institution.

The OSUN is rolling out a microgrant to support research projects that centre on a problem emerging from a community engagement experience or are conducted in collaboration with a community partner.

About the Funding

The Open Society University Network (OSUN) and Bard International Network offer financial support ranging in awards of $500 - $1000 USD for senior or capstone projects that are enhanced through community-based research, work, or collaborations with community partners. Successful candidates will demonstrate how community engagement inspires and/or helps them answer questions central to their project and how their work or findings can benefit the community. 


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Engagement may be linked to work done through a student-led project, a community-engaged course, an internship, or community-based volunteer work, provided the activity is central to the senior/capstone project research. Students are encouraged to demonstrate how the community partner benefits from the collaboration (i.e., research findings, public works in the arts, community organizing, etc.). Ideally, the project allows for meaningful participation with the community. Funding can be used for summer research or used during the 22-23 academic year.


  • Students from Open Society University Network (OSUN) institutions or Bard International Network institutions may apply.
  • Students in their Junior year who are preparing for senior/capstone project or who are actively working on their senior/capstone project. 
  • Senior/capstone projects that incorporate elements of community work into the research or creative process are encour+aged to apply. 
  • Applications are open to students from any academic discipline. 
  • Students must follow the guidelines for senior/capstone projects as required by their institution, including approval of their Institutional Research Board (IRB) where necessary. Please consult with your academic adviser if you have questions.


Proposals must be submitted by February 27, 2022, and awardees will be notified approximately one month after the deadline.

How to Apply

Please access the application on the OSUN Grant Application Page


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