Call For Submissions: The ICT 4 Inclusion Challenge

Call For Submissions: The ICT 4 Inclusion Challenge

The Information Communications Technology for Inclusion Challenge (ICT4IC) aims to shape inclusive education for people with disabilities in Africa. The 2021 call for submissions will focus mainly on innovations in Africa that helps address this issue.

About the Challenge

Access to education is one of the most significant barriers to inclusion for children, young persons and adults with disabilities in Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this situation. Nevertheless, digital innovations can go a long way in helping to overcome this challenge by removing barriers to education for persons with disabilities. This is precisely why this challenge was launched. The ICT 4 Inclusion Challenge wish to foster & scale digital and technical innovations that provide or improve access to education for children, youths and/or adults with disabilities in Africa. This is a call to arms. It's time for a change. 

Are you interested in responding to this call? If so, register for the ICT 4 Inclusion Challenge and shape inclusive education in Africa! Follow the steps outlined in this article to learn more and to apply.


The teams or individuals who submit the 8 best solutions will be invited to a two-week virtual Bootcamp. If you are among them, you will benefit from the following concrete support during the Bootcamp and beyond:

  • Technical assistance towards solution deployment: receive concrete support targeting the components needed for your solution to succeed, such as marketing, fundraising, agile methods, accessibility, pitching, scaling and business development.
  • Receive access to global international experts and guidance by mentors in the fields of digital start-up support, disability and tech, as well as education.
  • Receive access to our international network of development and international cooperation and innovation ecosystems and partner networks across universities, organizations of persons with disabilities, funders, Assistive Technology experts, disability experts, corporations, and NGOs.
  • As a winning team, you will receive a cash prize to boost the advancement of your solution.


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Who Can Join?

  • Individuals or Teams of Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Students, Changemakers, Tech geeks, Disability activists.
  • Persons at least 18 years old or above the legal working age in the country of residence.
  • Permanent residents of an African country or non-residents teaming up with an African organization.
  • Please note that Atos or GIZ employees (and their immediate families) cannot participate in the challenge. Any solutions that are already on the market will also be excluded.


You can submit your innovative idea, mock-up, or proof of concept (PoC) if any of the following four criteria apply:

  1. You are developing a digital device and/or application that facilitates inclusive education.
  2. You have a concrete idea to raise awareness for inclusive education using digital technologies.
  3. You are developing digital assistive technologies to be used in educational settings.
  4. You are working on accessibility solutions for online learning environments.
  5. The idea must not be an existing product or service available to the public. 
  6. Your ideas must not yet be mature enough for general use.

There are three levels of maturity of ideas that are eligible for the challenge:

Innovative Ideas 

Your team has found a promising looking breakthrough concept or theory to fill a unique or differentiated gap from similar existing solutions. It is still a concept or idea in abstract form and cannot be characterized as a product or service.


Your team has analyzed the concept or theory through user and maker analysis, identified areas of focus, and started envisioning what this product or service could look like. You have graphically visualized the potential product or service by creating design drafts of its various web pages in static form featuring its final design elements, but they are not functional.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Your team has developed a prototype to verify that the concept or theory can be viably developed and demonstrate your idea's functionality. The Proof of Concept helps to visualize how the product or service will function. It is an interactive model of the end-product which provides a concrete view of its design, navigation, layout and basic features.


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15 Sept 2021: Idea submission closes

16 – 30 Sep 2021: Evaluation and selection

25 Oct – 5 Nov 2021: Virtual Bootcamp

30 Nov 2021: Pitching

3 Dec 2021: Awards

How to Apply

Please visit the ICT 4 Inclusion Challenge Application Page to apply.



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