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MyScholarshipInfo is a student-led initiative dedicated to equipping students with the necessary skills, information, experiences and resources that will allow them to excel in the pursuit of higher education.

Committed to discovering diamonds in the rough, we specifically target students from rural communities and underdeveloped areas and offer them a plethora of opportunities available - in terms of scholarships and financial aid. Going further, we are committed to ensuring these ones, as well as well-off students who would opt for self-funded programs, have their potentials fully realised and are trained extensively to secure admission to the universities of their dreams.

International partnerships and multi-national connections are just a few of the resources at our disposal. Our team - two-thirds of which are scholarship recipients - boasts of diversity in age, gender, area of expertise, socio-economic & cultural backgrounds; all of which equips us with a wealth of knowledge that will be used to guide students. 'Myscholarshipinfo' is a fundamental milestone on one’s journey to academic excellence.

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Why Choose Us

  • Multinational team of experts
  • International partnerships
  • Several opportunities, available on our blog
  • Abundant resources for admission and scholarship
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    Our Mission

    To connect young Africans to opportunities within and outside the continent and to ensure that the educational dreams of those from under-served communities are not nipped in the bud


    Our Vision

    To become the largest pan-African institution connecting young Africans to higher educational opportunities.


    Who Can Use This Website?

    We have repeatedly been asked whether this website is only for students from a specific university or those seeking fully-funded scholarships. The simple answer is no. 'MyScholarshipInfo' publishes numerous opportunities on our website, which anyone can apply for, especially students. These include scholarships, internships, fellowships, competitions, conferences, grants etc. Thus, while each year, 'MyScholarshipInfo' will select a few students for the program, numerous openings will still be made available on our website for anyone who chooses to apply. So do ensure you visit the website often to stay up-to-date as new opportunities become available.

    Finally, it is essential to mention that we do not just focus on scholarships; we realize many students can afford the cost of their education within or outside the continent. Thus, our model is designed to assist both groups of students in reaching their goal - securing admission to the universities of their dreams!